Brazilians Play Cricket Too

Posted on April 8, 2012


“In the football-mad country, cricket has gained a small foothold. And the best thing is, it’s not being played only by expats.”

Garrincha, Pelé, Sócrates, Ronaldo, Rudy Hartmann. Haven’t heard of the last one? He’s the fastest bowler in Brazil. Although better known for its football, Brazil is quietly experiencing a revolution in a sport the country is not normally associated with. In the past decade, its men’s and women’s sides have achieved ICC affiliation and competed against rivals across the Americas.

The game still has great barriers to overcome, including a struggle for funding and for attention in a country where it is soccer that is hardwired into the national consciousness. Although cricket was first introduced to Brazil in the mid-1800s, long before football, it never caught on in the same way. But while most Brazilians have not grown up with cricket, they have played a game descended from it. Taco, played by children in the streets, is two-a-side, with a bowler and wicketkeeper against two batters, who run between the wickets (there are no boundaries).

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