Howzat! Takes Cricket Back In Time

Posted on May 25, 2012


THE men wore safari suits, the women were in polyester and the fans carried portable coolers filled with full-strength beer when time was turned back at the SCG this week for the production of a new mini-series showing how Kerry Packer rewrote the rules of Australian sport. Howzat! The Kerry Packer Story follows the media magnate through one of his biggest battles, when he took on Australia’s sporting establishment to introduce the faster-paced, more media-friendly and definitely more colourful World Series Cricket. As the cameras rolled, actors in all their 1970s best milled about recreating the moment a young Packer realised his gamble had paid off and that fans were embracing his vision. On hand was a young Paul Hogan (played by Travis McMahon), Delvene Delaney (Cariba Heine) and John Cornell (Abe Forsythe) and looming over them all, the man himself, Kerry Packer, played by Lachy Hulme. The history of the moment was not lost on anyone, but it was the fashions that caught everyone’s eye.

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